Mike Jerich, an independent orthopedic rep in Minnesota, was tired of the fact that the credentials that get a rep into one hospital do not necessarily get him or her into another. So he’s doing something about it.

Earlier this year, Jerich decided that, rather than simply complain about credentialing, he’d take some action. The result? The Minnesota legislature just included a provision in a large budget bill mandating that the state’s healthcare credentialing collaborative group study the issue and make recommendations by Jan. 1, 2012, on the development of standard accreditation methods for vendor services.

“No one had tried the legislative route,” he says. “But I didn’t see any other way.”

In early February, Jerich approached Minnesota Representative Cy Thao, who is on the state’s Health Care and Human Services Policy and Oversight Committee. “I told him what was happening, and he asked me to put it in writing,” explains Jerich. “He said he would take it to the Minnesota Hospital Association.”


For more of what Jerich learned about the process, how the legislation turned out and what he plans to do in the future, read the full story from the July issue of Repertoire.

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