Brian Sullivan has a great column in the July issue of Repertoire on how to have meaningful (and non-boring) meetings. Mainly, cutting to the meat of the meeting, increasing participation and action following the meeting.

Along the same lines, Seth Godin had an interesting blog on presentations. Namely, adding slides to a Power Point presentation rather than deleting. But it’s not what you think – Godin encourages less on the slide.

You’re used to putting three or four bullet points on a slide. That’s at least four distinct ideas, but more often, each of those ideas has three or four sub ideas to it. In other words, you’re cramming 32 ideas on a slide, and you’re sitting on that slide as you drone on and on. Perhaps you spice it up with some reveals or animated bullets, but it’s still 32 ideas going stale before our eye.


Godin says one word or image on a slide can help change the pace. So more of less, or less of the more …

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