Need an app? We’ve reviewed some for iPhones, BlackBerry and Android phones.

iPhone and Android


Smart phones and the iPad (and other tablet PCs) have changed how news and information is presented to us. Most notably – how quickly you can get the summary of a story to decide whether you want to dig in a little more or move on. Using this as a barometer, the app Pulse is hard to beat. Pulse is an elegant news reading application for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. It incorporates colorful panning story bars and fills them with content from sources you put into it. The makers of Pulse boast that it redefines news, giving you the opportunity to experience the news you desire from traditional sources, your favorite blogs and social networks – all in one beautiful interface.

As an avid user of Pulse, I agree with most of what they are saying.

Basically, your “front page” can have the sports feed from your local newspaper, the industry blog of choice (we’re hoping you say Repertoire), your Facebook newsfeed and family blog all within eyesight. Simply scroll down to see each headline for a story. If you like what you see, you’ll click on the link for the entire article.

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Receipt Organizer

It’s part of the job, but it’s definitely one of the more mundane tasks you’ll have to deal with. Organizing receipts from your business expenses. Fortunately, apps are out there to help streamline the process, including the Receipt Organizer for the BlackBerry. Users are able to create multiple accounts to manage business and personal expenses, along with categories for the receipts (so you can separate food from gas, lodging, etc.). You can enter the total of the expenditure into the category track the spending with graphs that will show totals. You can capture the receipts using your camera or by adding from the photo library (so your paper files can shrink). The app allows you to export files via email. Click here for more

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