Need an app? We’ve reviewed a few for iPhones, BlackBerry and Android phones.



Awesome Note’s developers boast that the app is not just a note taker, but a to-do organizer as well. It’s certainly got the capability if that’s what you’re after. The left-hand side divides your notes into tabbed-sections. You could have a general note folder, travel itinerary, customer-related notes and shopping items. Notes can be incorporated into a calendar view so you can keep track of daily, weekly and monthly tasks. Awesome Note also allows you to attach pictures and places (maps) into notes. It syncs with Google Docs and Evernote (a free note service). Check out a full list of features and how-to at

Pocketnowvideo has an AwesomeNote walkthrough here


Google Maps

A GPS can only tell you so much. For the nitty gritty, try the Google Maps app for the BlackBerry. It provides you more than just the ability to zoom in on your house to see what it looks like from a satellite. Reps will benefit from being able to search the area they’re in for local restaurants, gas stations and businesses. Simply enter the address and then do a search for the type of business you’re looking for (e.g., “coffee” will get you coffee shops like Starbucks). You may even find a new physician office to contact.

To download Google Maps, visit on your BlackBerry web browser.



The TripIt app for Android phones is an all-in-one travel itinerary. Reps that spend a lot of time at the airport will benefit the most from TripIt. You can get maps and directions and make calls to airlines, hotels, etc. straight from your itinerary (which you’ll need to set up through the TripIt website). You’ll also be able to see flight alerts (departure/arrival times, etc.), and if your flight has a delay or cancelation, find alternate flight options. The app is free but you’ll need to sign up for a TripIt account.

Check out a walkthrough here

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