Organization amid the chaos? It’s possible, even for sales managers, says John Treace, author of Nuts & Bolts of Sales Management. This is a comprehensive guide into all-things management. Treace covers all the fundamentals and topics a sales manager would want to know about, including:

  • How to determine your team’s moral and how to deal with “bad apples.” (“In high-morale teams, there will be active communication between reps, and seasoned reps will willingly help newer reps learn the business,” he writes.)
  • The advantages and disadvantages for direct and independent sales forces
  • Practices to avoid (Time wasters in sales meetings, unnecessary paperwork, tasks dumped on sales reps that take them away from their territories, etc.)
  • What to do when sales budgets are not being made.


Treace has more than 30 years of experience in leadership positions in the medical devise industry with both publicly traded and private companies, so he’s using a lot of tried-and-true practices he’s seen in action in the industry. It’s written as a handbook and aimed toward current sales VPs or managers, salespeople who desire to move into management, and CEOs, COOs, CFOs and others wishing to have a better understanding of the principles and systems that drive high-velocity sales organizations. Available on Amazon

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