In the June issue of Repertoire, Brian Sullivan discusses what it takes to get your e-mails read by prospects.

Check your e-mail right now. How many do you have sitting in your Inbox from salespeople and marketers trying to get your business? And what separates the ones you open versus the ones that get sent to your Junk Mail Abyss? Let’s face it; none of us have enough hours in the day. We are forced to make hard decisions about where each minute goes. And our sales prospects feel the same. So the art of crafting sales e-mail that creates curiosity and urgency is a talent that you need to have if you are going to regularly find new prospects — and get current ones to act. So when writing that e-mail, think about what it would have to say for YOU to be eager to open it.

What is the difference between an e-mail that gets opened and one that doesn’t? First, people open, read and act on e-mails that they can respond to quickly. Which means you need to make every word count. They also are immediately skeptical, regardless of how great your solution is.

He offered some tips that will get your e-mail opened, read and acted on more often:

Have an objective

A good e-mail objective is what you want the reader TO DO as a result of reading it. It is NOT to deliver information. Think about the action you want at the end … before you start typing.

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