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Dave Kahle says that while many of us have been concentrating on the clouds recently, we haven’t noticed the silver lining around the clouds — there are unique and powerful opportunities for those sales people who choose to pursue them.

John Maxwell says that starting is the great separator

Fast Company has an article on overcoming year-end blues

Bob Burg suggests you make “calm” your default setting

Some articles and advice for this holiday week.

Jon Gordon shares the power of a Thank You

Harvard Business Review has a podcast on how we sell and why we buy

Seth Godin challenges businesses to get to the hard part of a project

Hard is not about sweat or time, hard is about finishing the rare, valuable, risky task that few complete.

Monday mojo, in quotes…

Here are some quotes to make you think

Bob Burg explains why a tough close isn’t quite as good as a soft one.

Laura Stack offers suggestions on how to get the right work-life balance

Grab a fork and serve up some mojo to start the week…

Make luck work in your favor

Want a time management tip? Respect.

Jon Gordon says sometimes experience can be a curse.

Seth Godin debates the difference between generous gifts and free samples

Grab a fork and dig in!

A winning mindset? Seth Godin tells you what it looks like

Communicating is not enough. John Maxwell says you have to connect (and has a pretty funny example)

Jeffrey Gittomer dishes on pain free selling

Surprised by a criticism? Here’s how to handle it.


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