Today Repertoire introduces a weekly blog by Shep Hyken on customer service…


Most people do what they are supposed to do – what is expected by the customer.  When someone goes out of the way to help us, we are surprised.  Our expectations are exceeded.  

Doing a little something extra or special is not difficult. Sometimes it means just doing whatever you are supposed to do with a positive attitude. Other times it might mean going out of your way or making an extra effort to help a customer. Anybody can be okay – average.  It is the excellent people and the excellent companies that are willing to do the extra things necessary to not have just satisfied customers, but LOYAL customers!

Let’s end with a quote from James C. Penney, founder of J.C. Penny Stores.  He said…

“It is the service we are NOT OBLIGED to give that people VALUE the most!”

Shep Hyken, CSP, CPAE is the Chief Amazement Officer of Shepard Presentations.  As a professional speaker and author, Shep helps companies develop loyal relationships with their customers and employees.  For more information on Shep’s speaking programs and books, please contact (314) 692-2200. Email:  Web: For information on customer service training, go to  


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