An emergency room as fancy as an upscale hotel? That’s one description Buffalo News writer Henry David used to describe Mercy Hospitals new ER – which is set to open May 11. The new ER is four times the size of its predecessor and comes loaded to the gills with high-tech equipment and natural lighting and earth tones for its interior. Patients won’t just get better, they’ll feel better.

“The emergency room has become the gateway into the hospital,” said C.J. Urlaub, president and CEO of Mercy Hospital, part of the Catholic Health system. “But another important theme for us is that we had to be more sensitive to patient satisfaction. Our current emergency service just doesn’t respect privacy and dignity.”


Among the noticeable changes – patient bays (13) and hallway beds (12) are out and private patient room are in. There are three triage rooms, two resuscitation rooms for patients with stroke or other critical issues, a decontamination area, family consultation rooms and a nondenominational mediation room, according to the Buffalo News.

The new ER’s ultimate goal is to increase patient satisfaction and decrease wait times, both for patients awaiting treatment and doctors and nurses awaiting results such as CT scans or lab work.

“We’ve worked hard in the design to decrease nonproductive wait times, to always move people forward in the treatment process and to keep patients informed about what to expect so that they are more realistic,” said Maureen Liebler, director of emergency and critical care services.

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