Repertoire’s November issue celebrates the Excellence in Sales award winners for this year ( Here are some comments from those who know and work with the Distributor Winner, Claflin Co.’s KC Meleski


“The first thing that impressed me about KC was the immediate effort he put into understanding our product line, what differentiates us from our competitors, and how best to represent Champion,” says Doug Keeslar, general manager, Champion Manufacturing Inc. “I know KC goes into most competitive situations at a distinct advantage, because he took the time to not only know his customer, but also the attributes of his product portfolio and how it brings value to the opportunity. KC has called me many times to review his customer’s needs and how to best solve them with our product line. He really does look for answers to meet his customer’s expectations, and pushes us to be an integral part of the process.”


What’s more, says Keeslar, Meleski’s customer-driven process forms the basis for long-term relationships. “KC understands that the sales order is just one element of the customer transaction, and is only a result of the outstanding service he provides his customers. As a manufacturer, we appreciate those like KC, who share in the development of long-term customers.”


Look good, feel good, do good


What makes KC Meleski an outstanding rep is his competitive spirit, says Nate Williams, New England sales rep for Midmark (who succeeded Meleski in that position about 10 years ago). “He’s got a thirst for knowledge,” says Williams. “He’s always picking my brain on new products. His work ethic is at a high level. He’s a go-getter, a rock-turner.” Meleski also consistently grows the business with higher-end products.


And Meleski is business-like, polished, and a sharp dresser, adds Williams. He’s a representative of old-school salesmanship, where appearance is extremely important. “Look good, feel good, do good,” he says. “He wakes up every morning, puts on a nice suit and tie. He really looks the part.”


Tough duty


“The two most important attributes of anyone who represents our company are reliability and credibility,” says Mike Abbott, vice president of sales and marketing for Claflin Equipment. “KC consistently demonstrates these qualities and more.”


And he does so while performing tough duty, namely, selling equipment to hospitals and multihospital systems. “Equipment business starts at zero every day,” says Abbott. “Customers rely on their representatives to help them make an educated decision on what piece of equipment to procure.” That’s what Meleski excels at.


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