Are you taking actionable steps toward your goals, objectives? Perhaps you need a little “focus.” Best-selling author Jon Gordon says that in his work with sports teams, businesses and organizations he’s found that the key to individual and team success is “to Zoom Focus.” In a nutshell, it helps you to focus and execute your priorities. It’s a daily process for “your big picture vision.” Gordon provides five ways Zoom Focus can help individuals realize their potential. Here are a couple:

Create your Big Picture Vision – This might be a goal or a dream. It might be a project that needs to be completed or a sale you are trying to close. It might be a company objective or a team mission. It might be a book you want to write, an initiative to improve your community, or a championship you want to win. Identify your vision and then you’ll be ready to Zoom Focus and take the necessary actions to get you there.

Focus on Daily Improvement – I see it in sports all the time. Teams focus too much on winning the championship and forget to Zoom Focus each day in practice. They are outcome focused not process focused. The key is to focus on improving each day and take the necessary action steps. If you incrementally improve each day, each week, each month, each quarter by the end of the year you’ll see remarkable results and growth. When you Zoom Focus on the process the outcome takes care of itself.

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