The upcoming October issue (which is soon to be in production for us at the office) will mark five years for me as Managing Editor of Repertoire. Feeling a little nostalgic, I decided to go back to the first issue I helped put together, to see just how much our industry has changed, and well, everything else.

Five years ago in the industry

Our cover story was on flu vaccine. “For the last seven years, it’s been anything but predictable,” Gene Alley, president, STAT Pharmaceuticals in Santee, Calif., said for the Oct. 2005 story. “This, unfortunately, is another unpredictable year.”

Same goes for the next five. We’ve had shortages and swine flu some years and too much inventory on the shelf in others.

Repertoire did a profile on distributors’ response to Hurricane Katrina. We’ve since covered responses to: an ice storm in Kentucky (where distributors such as Cardinal Health went above and beyond, even providing supplies to facilities that weren’t typical customers) , the earthquake in Haiti (where distributors and manufacturers provided millions of dollars in supplies and aid, and people such as Welch Allyn’s Sue Dubay volunteered), and even a flood in Nashville (the worst disaster the city had seen since the Civil War didn’t stop NDC from pulling off its national meeting). One theme through them all – as long as there is one facility or one doctor that needs supplies, there will be distributors braving the elements, and natural disasters, to deliver them.

Five years ago for the Managing Editor

  • Worked on my first issue of Repertoire. That was 60+ issues ago (counting our Resource Guide).
  • I was a newlywed with no children. I now have a 3-year old and 8-month old, both boys, and a 4-year old beagle. And subsequently two 529s. The beagle’s not going to college, judging by his behavior and penchant for eating banana bread with the foil and everything.
  • My alma mater would win its second SEC championship in four years. The Dawgs haven’t sniffed the Georgia Dome since. And don’t talk to me about our quarterback getting a knee injury before that 05 game against Florida. Just don’t.


— Graham Garrison

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