By Dale Clendon

Every salesperson looks for ways to increase results and improve the effectiveness of the “selling process.” So let me present a problem you have all seen. Have you noticed samples or brochures left with a clinician that sits in the corner of their office for months? Accepting a sample or brochure is not a successful call, and 95% of the time leads to a dead end.

To create success, a salesperson must be the expert on how to gain the greatest outcome in a potential sale. The key is the product evaluation. Done correctly, you will win more often then not. Here are a few rules when you have convinced your customer to evaluate:

1)     Establish criteria for success and gain agreement from the decision maker on that criteria.

2)     Determine a time frame for the evaluation with identified start and end date.

3)     Provide thorough in-service and training with all shifts and watch them use the product, making sure you visit often to determine problems or issues.

4)     Ask the evaluators to fill out simple evaluation forms and provide a drawing for all who complete the form (Starbucks card?).

5)     Summarize the data and establish a “closing appointment” with the decision maker.

The sale will be yours!

Dale Clendon is a Senior Medical Executive in transition and can be reached at

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