The following is some sales advice for reps from industry vet Dale Clendon:


You may have a customer you have known for years and have a great new product to show them. What type of preparation do you consider before your meeting? How many times have you just “winged it” thinking the best will happen? To many times you say! Change your approach in a sales call and prepare before to win. Here are a few good steps:

1)     Know your product well and the competitive advantage and benefits over the competition. What problem will you be solving?

2)     Understand what you hope to get out of the call. What is your goal?

3)     Plan to uncover what product they’re using now, how long, volume, pricing and above all why they like it.

4)     Be ready to bring up any negatives the competition will say about your product, and bring supporting documentation, (studies or customer testimonials).

5)     Prepare open-ended questions to understand how they use it and why

6)     Is the current product under contract or with a GPO?

7)     Are you prepared to guide the customer through the process to a successful sale, do you know the steps, and are they the same as the customer? You need to be prepared to confirm this as well as the next step during the call.

Dale Clendon is Senior Medical Executive in transition and can be contacted at

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