Repertoire congratulates IMCO’s Bill McLaughlin Sr., and Yates Farris, for their induction into the Medical Distribution Hall of Fame. Here are some responses we received during the interviews:


“I don’t think there’s anybody anywhere in the industry who feels more strongly about the independent distributor than Bill McLaughlin.”  – Al Borchardt

“Bill has been the passionate, ‘mother bear’ for the independent distributor ever since I‘ve known him.”  – Mike Marks

“[Yates’s] genuine concern for the other person and his ability to listen deeply has been a tremendous strength for him.” – Dick Moorman

“Yates is someone you really can’t forget,” says Dave Myers, executive vice president, Seneca Medical, Tiffin, Ohio. “First, how many people do you get to meet with a name like ‘Yates?’ Second, Yates has an ability to immediately make you feel comfortable and important to him. He has an amazing smile, a positive attitude, and pays close attention to you during a conversation. Third, he’ll be the guy with a group of people around him. Not that he’s a ringleader, per se; but he’s normally involved in something fun, interesting and engaging.”


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