Once upon a time there was an election and the party that had been out of power won big. This was due in large part to the fact that  the other party had behaved badly by starting wars and spending ungodly amounts of money we didn’t have-much in the fashion that the out of power party had become famous for. This winning party had eight years (and then some) of pent up revenge  and rage and many salivated at the thought of finally being able to inflict social justice on America (whether or not America wanted it). Despite the worst economic collapse since the Great Depression, this party with large majorities in both houses of Congress and a charismatic yet untested leader in the White House, decided to tackle health care as its major priority. Forget the economy and jobs-health care was the prize enchilada, at least in the minds of the left wing of the party.

They were going to finally get what they had wanted for so long-government run health care. “But wait a minute”, their leaders said behind closed doors, “we can’t openly talk about a single payer system similar to those in Britain and other countries where government runs health care poorly and rations care to its citizens.  No we have to do this slowly and make the people think it is their idea”.  Thus the year of the great health care debate began. And many will recall the many twists and turns it took along the way. What initially started out as “health care reform”  turned quickly  into “health care insurance reform”. Certainly those big bad insurance companies were robbing Americans blind squeezing every penny possible to produce on average a whopping 3.5% net profit margin. (The top 10 insurance companies together don’t equal the profits of WalMart). And if health insurance were so darn profitable don’t you think Microsoft and Google would be investing in it? Oh but I digress. Next of course we had the public option debate which couldn’t muster enough support to pass the Senate. No matter to the Democrats who outwardly bemoaned the public option defeat, all the while eyeing their holy grail — single payer/government run health care. 

 Nancy Pelosi, doing her best imitation of Marie Antoinette and her famous let them eat cake routine, tried to explain to her subjects that once they knew what was in the bill they were passing that they would really really like it. Trust me she said. All this time the silly Republicans were screaming and crying about socialism and death panels and how the Democrats weren’t playing fair by not including them in the debate. “Nonsense,” declared King Obama, ” you had your chance and besides after I declared that we would pass this bill using reconciliation, I allowed all you Repubs to sit in on my health care summit. That was most certainly a bipartisan effort!”

Then came the vote on the Senate version which the House had to approve before they got to disapprove of it with their amendments and send it back to the Senate so they could fix the mistakes in the bill that they had both passed and then send it to King Obama for his signature. Whew!! In a comedic interlude during the voting process  Court Jester Harry Reid actually voted “No” on both bills only to be awakened by his crack staff that he actually meant to vote “Yes”. Silly Harry!

And now this historic bill was enacted into law and hailed with all the majesty of the signing of the Magna Carta. But the Democrats on the inside know that this law won’t work. The dirty little secret is that they have known it all along. There was never really any plan meant to fix health care. It was merely the Trojan horse they needed to slip inside the gates of America to set the stage for Single Payer. They know that premiums won’t decline and that the cost of health care will only explode. They know that the private and evil insurers will be the fall guys and shoulder the blame for the failure of this fix! They will be forced to raise their prices because their is no control on the costs of treating our people. The mandate that everyone has to buy insurance  has no teeth in it. And without a meaningful penalty to force the healthy to participate so insurers can afford to accept pre-existing conditions, the house of cards they created will undoubtedly fall. All according to plan. Don’t believe me-just ask Denis Kucinich why he changed his vote after taking a pleasure ride on Air Force One with King Obama.

Have no fear, for standing behind the curtain ready for the rescue will be the three musketeers-Pelosi, Reid and Obama anxiously waiting to deliver the single payer solution to their demanding minions. Make no mistake-we need healthcare reform and certainly some of the provisions included in this monster of a law need to be retained. But the majority of the country is opposed to the overall impact of this bill and the odious process that was used to navigate it through against the will of the people.

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