Historic times these days. With the imminent passing of the Obamacare bill into law we find ourselves as a nation in unchartered waters.  Well OK, technically, the bill was deemed and passed and not actually voted on as proscribed by our laws. But hey it’s OK to bend the rules-the end justifies the means of course.  Only time will tell if passing this bill will be well received by the American people or not. Certainly there are fervent opinions on both sides-and actually more than 50% of those opinions are against it currently. But opinions can change.

What strikes me as sad no matter how you cut it is the waste of resources, time and energy that has been spent on this issue. Obama and the Dems will claim a huge victory here and I am sure there will be much fanfare and rhetoric extolling the historic nature of this bill. However, we as a country surely are the losers and by that I don’t just mean because this bill, in my eyes, is a bad one. More importantly this president and his administration has accomplished more than just the passage of a controversial piece of legislation.  Obama has spent all the political capital that he had mustered with his historic election. And for someone who was going to reach out and get beyond the partisan politics of the past, he has succeeded in dviding the country into what most likely will be the most partisan first term of any president in memory. Unless the 2010 midterm elections surprise everyone and Dems regain a 60 vote majority in the Senate, I think it would be fair to assume that it is going to be most difficult for even the most minor legislation to get through the Senate. I am not sure that the “victory” he spent more than a year on and the fact that the American people were repulsed by the process needed to get it , will have been worth it in the long run. It may be way to early to prognosticate, but I would say that there is a good chance that they won a battle but very well may have lost the war.

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