Physical activity can reduce the risk of chronic disease, improve coordination, facilitate weight loss and boost self-esteem. The problem is, for many, it’s not fun. But, that doesn’t have to be the case, according to The Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research. With careful planning and pacing, fitness can become a lifetime habit, it points out. Mayo offers tips for staying motivated:

  • Set goals. Start with simple goals and then progress to longer-range goals. Make goals realistic and achievable, as it’s easy to get frustrated and give up when goals are too ambitious.
  • Make it fun. Find sports or activities that you enjoy, and vary the routine. If you’re not enjoying your workouts, try something different. Join a volleyball or softball league. Take a ballroom dancing class. Check out a health club or martial arts center.
  • Make physical activity a part of your daily routine. Schedule workouts as you would any other important activity. During the day, take the stairs instead of the elevator. Walk up and down sidelines while watching the kids play sports. Pedal a stationary bike or do strength-training exercises while you watch TV at night.

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