For bodybuilder Adam Logan, a healthy lifestyle is part of his daily routine, with or without his training session. “It takes an effort to make time for fitness,” says the Eco-Sound Medical sales rep. But, he’s confident that his bodybuilding workout routine helps him be more productive during his 50-hour workweek. By day, the customers come first, he explains, even if “it means I will miss a meal here or there, or a planned training session must be postponed to ensure our clients’ needs are met.” But, he makes it a point to fit in his training on the way home from work. “It becomes a tremendous stress reliever,” he says. “Working out the day’s tension in the gym enables me to head home with a clean mental state, which helps me deal more patiently with my three daughters.

“I’ve been involved in bodybuilding for 15 years,” Logan continues, noting he became interested in the sport after watching a documentary as a child with his father. “Although I was aware of bodybuilding at an early age, it wasn’t something I embraced until my college years. After befriending his two college roommates who were on the football team, he came to understand that bodybuilding is a process – one that calls for motivation, determination and the desire to adhere to a healthy diet and lifestyle. In time, he built up his 6-foot 1-inch, 155-pound frame to a lean 240 pounds. And, while 85 pounds is a large amount of weight to gain, by spacing it out over 15 years, he did so at a nice, steady pace.

“I believe bodybuilding would help anyone in any profession be more productive at work,” Logan continues. “It teaches us how to set goals and meet them, [and it facilitates] self-motivation, self-discipline and offers a myriad of positive benefits. Without it, I would miss the sense of wellbeing. I would miss feeling ready and fully-equipped to handle multiple tasks at once.”

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