Sales reps may spend the bulk of their hours on the road. But, at the end of a long day – or week – the office beckons. Whether it’s a cubicle at the corporate facility or a laptop on the kitchen table, work settings often present a less-than-ideal atmosphere. In fact, sitting in front of a computer screen for an extended period can be downright mentally and physically draining for even the most resilient of reps.

A recent online ABC News report, by correspondents Enjoli Francis and Kim Carollo, offers tips for staying healthier at the office – wherever that may be.

Here are some tips we included in our Healthy Reps department of the February issue of Repertoire:


Get up and move. Sitting for long periods isn’t healthy, say experts, noting it can lead to lower back problems. Leaving work for periodic walks may sound unproductive, but it’s a healthier option.


Posture counts. A few ergonomic changes can lead to a more comfortable you, according to experts. They recommend people sit close to their workstation; keep the monitor at eye level; keep the keyboard at a comfortable level; and sit with their legs flexed at a 90-degree angle, with their feet resting on the floor. In addition, consider exercises outside of work to help strengthen muscles involved in posture.


Avoid food temptations. Prepackaged lunches and dinners when you are out, and small bags of fruit and nuts for snacking on at work, help stave off hunger and temptation to indulge in less healthy options. It’s also important to stay hydrated throughout the day.

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