Editor’s Note: The following thoughts are from MDSI VP Scott Adams


I had the chance to sit down with Stanton McComb during McKesson’s national meeting.  The goal of the meeting/ interview was to get and understanding of McKesson’s direction under their new leader.


A little background information: McComb was president of McKesson Automation, a provider of hospital pharmacy automation products and services, prior to being named president of McKesson Medical-Surgical in April 2011. He first joined McKesson in 2002 and has held several leadership roles in its technology businesses, working with pharmacies and hospitals. Prior to joining McKesson, he worked for Citigroup Investments’ Technology Group, where he made and managed a portfolio of later-stage venture capital investments in the medical device and healthcare technology sector. He began his career at the Health Care Advisory Board, a for-profit research and consulting company inWashington,D.C.


The above paragraph describes Stanton’s work history and how he got to where he is today.  Obviously he is very accomplished and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I have to say he was courteous and very approachable.  Before the interview started Stanton asked me “What does Repertoire want out of this interview?” He made sure that we got what we needed to do a complete story. How refreshing it was to have someone ask you what your goals are! What a great lesson for us all as we make sales calls and grow relationships day in day out.


Something interesting I learned is that Stanton served in the Peace Corp for three years after college. Serving others seems to be a key to his success both with his customers and with his fellow workers.


Having the opportunity to meet folks like Stanton in our industry is such a joy, and it just reconfirms what I have always thought about the Med-Surg industry. We are all blessed to be in it. What a gift to be surrounded by such solid people.


To read the full article on McComb, visit www.repertoiremag.com


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