The iPad as a virtual desktop in hospitals? It’s already happening. BusinessWeek’s Jon Brodkin reports that the Kaweah Health Care District in Visalia, Calif., has made plans for 100 iPads to be used by health care workers. From BusinessWeek:

Nick Volosin, director of technical services at Kaweah Delta Health Care District in Visalia, Calif., immediately saw the potential of putting the iPad in the hands of healthcare workers, who use a variety of medical imaging applications, are often moving from location to location, and don’t want to be tethered to a device with poor battery life. Volosin bought three iPads for testing and plans to deploy more than 100 within the next two months or so.

Portability is just one of the perks. Cost is a major factor. The $500 price tag may be high for some consumers, but some touch screen tablets used by hospitals can hit the $3,000 range, Brodkin wrote.

Three iPads are currently being used for testing and demonstrations in the district, doctors are buying their own iPads, and the 100 order will be designated for “hospital employees, which will be used by home health and hospice care workers, nurses, dietitians and pharmacists.”

One obstacle to overcome with the iPads’ newness is the ordering – Volosin told BusinessWeek his online order was canceled because of the amount (3’s the limit for consumers), but he was able to straighten it out over the phone.

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