Joe G. wades into an ethics debate …

Q: I had a ride day with a distributor rep. He pulls into an OB/GYN practice he wants to convert and I realize – I’ve been to this account, with another distributor rep from another company. What do I do?

A: Well, if you were a character in Mad Men, it’d probably be to trot in there, fire up a cigarette and do your darndest to undo what you’d just done for the other distributor. Ratings go up, but trust goes way down.

Seriously, you’re in the business of sales, but those sales are built on your relationships, and in this case, destroying one to build up another ain’t the right call. So for these types of situations, get out a note card and a black magic marker and write this down so you can memorize it … “Mr. Sales Rep, I regret to inform you that I cannot go in and help you with this account. I’ve been at this account and converted business with another rep. I wouldn’t do that to you, and I won’t do it to him.”

He may give you a dirty look, he may not return calls, but if he’s worth his salt, he’ll recognize what you just did.

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