Q: Online ordering is one thing, but do I need to be worried about sales trickling into the social media domain?

A: It’s happening in the retail world, so you need to be aware of it. How do your physicians interact with each other, is the main question. You need to be able to spot those networks and communities (Facebook or LinkedIn groups, for instance), and if you’re not an active participant, at least you’re monitoring them. According to a Forbes blog, of a thousand sales professionals surveyed by OglivyOne, 68 percent believed the selling process is changing faster than their company can keep up, and in the United States, only 9 percent of U.S. salespeople claimed they’d been educated and trained on social media. Here were some initiatives Forbes offered sales reps to stay ahead of the curve:

New Buyer Journeys

A tremendous amount of action happens after the sale, especially when customers experience the brand and then share their experiences with others … Salespeople need to find out exactly where their customers are in their journey right now and advise them on the best way to get there.


Digital Bait

In a disintermediated media world, customers are eager for professionally produced content, and we can use that desire to draw customers to our messages by creating digital bait.


A New Way to Sell: Social Selling

Selling is, now more than ever, a social enterprise. Great salespeople use all their allies to propel customers along the new buyer journeys to close a sale.


Check up on your physicians and see which ones are engaged in social media. You might even be able to be a resource for them – helping them launch social marketing campaigns with potential patients, for instance. To read the full article, click here

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