Joe G. Profit’s got something to say about capital equipment…

Q: I want to land some equipment orders before the year is out. Tell me how.

— Will B., Birmingham, Ala.

A: Well, you picked the perfect time. The fourth quarter is typically when you’ll pick up equipment orders.

1)      Have you been paying attention to your customers? Meaning, have you spotted a practice that is in desperate need of, say, casework? Think from their perspective – why would they want to invest in new casework? It’s going to cost them something, so what do they get out of it in return? Does it improve workflow efficiency, storage? How many minutes can you shave off a patient visit by having the right instruments and medicine in the right place at the right time?

2)      Are you a “go-it-alone” type of rep, or do you want an assist from the manufacturer? Figure out how much of the demonstrating you want to do ahead of time, or if you’d rather call in the expert’s expert on the piece of equipment. Hint – a manufacturer’s rep requires less homework on your part. You’ll also need to figure out who should be the closer.

3)      Don’t take this personal, but the main reason practices are interested in buying equipment has nothing to do with your selling skills. Tax credits come into play. Brush up on your Section 179 knowledge before even thinking of pitching a customer on a big purchase.

4)      This ain’t a close and move on kind of transaction. We’re not talking disposables. You need to be involved with the installation and training, if the equipment requires it.

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