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Q: I lost a customer today, and I have no clue how it happened. I showed up on time once a week to take orders, made sure the deliveries made it and followed up on those – even our prices are competitive, at least I think, with the competitor who took the business away. What gives?

Steve – Seattle, Wash.


Joe G: Think about your first item of defense – taking orders. If that’s all your doing then you’re no better than a blank order sheet or an online Paypal screen. Look, docs and physician offices have enough on their plates trying to keep revenues up despite dwindling reimbursement from insurers and Uncle Sam. They don’t want to spend the time sifting through their inventory if they don’t have to, even the office manager. Think for them. Anticipate their needs. You’ve heard that before, but what does it look like? Well, try it for yourself at home. Does your spouse have to coax chores out of you, or do you play the good little soldier and take out the trash, feed the dog, get the kids in the tub and scrub em down every once in a while? Same goes for your customers (not the rubber ducky part). Anticipate what you can do for them.

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