His name? Joe G. Profit. His mission? To take on all questions you have as a sales rep. His experience? Let’s just say that he’s the kind of rep who gets Salesperson of the Year in one month. He’s the type of rep who CAN believe it’s not butter, who knows where’s the beef and can count to infinity a few times if he so feels inclined. He doesn’t need an appointment to close a sale – he DECIDES when to close it. Submit your questions and Joe G. will answer each week on Repertoire’ blog. But beware – his answers may change your life.

Two Left Shoes

Q: So I show up all prepared to do a follow-up on a previous order/delivery and inquire about any items on a new order and … the delivery hadn’t been made. Awkward, right? How do you get around that?

A: You don’t. Buddy of mine, VP at his company, had something happen to him recently on a sales trip that sums this up nicely. West Coast swing, packed his bags and walked out the door. Wore casual clothes on the flight, got up bright and early to watch SportsCenter, or the Weather Channel – you never know with this guy. Sipped on hotel coffee and put his business attire on and realized– he’d packed two left shoes. Oops. So what could he do at that moment? Nothing. He slid those suckers on, hobbled into his meeting, completed his sales pitch and proposal, and then ran to the nearest mall to get a new pair of shoes.

In the future, heed the Two-Left-Shoe warning. Always plan your day. Make the call back to your office or go online and check the order status for each of the accounts you will visit that day and see if those deliveries have been made. Sometimes a delivery will be delayed, but being prepared for that before you go into the office will go a long way toward trying to nail down future orders.  It shows your commitment to detail and to making that customer know you care enough about them to know their business!  Being prepared is being professional.

Check your shoes too.


2 Responses to “Joe G. Profit and the Two Left Shoes”

  • Brian Taylor:

    They sure look like Scott Adams shoes to me! Funny though that the exact thing happened to me about 20 years ago while doing a sales meeting at the old Bedsole Surgical company in Alabama! Boy did my feet hurt!

  • Yates Farris:

    I doubt if Scott Adams has two pairs of shoes, especially in the same color.


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