When it comes to selling on a level playing field in the medical sales arena, most reps struggle with their toughest competition.  The competition?  Do you think it’s a company?   A sales rep?  A product?  Guess what…most of the time, it’s none of these.  You compete against something that is often tougher and harder to sell against.  What is it?  Let’s see if you know what it is and more importantly, how to compete against your toughest competitor.

Mace Horoff employs unique methodologies and technologies to enable medical sales professionals to steal business from their competitors and to hold onto it.  Unless you’re consistently hitting the sales numbers you would like, why not call him and find out how he’s going to help you to win more sales.  He can be reached at 561.333.8080 or Mace@MedicalSalesTraining.com 

Click the link to download his podcast: Podcast

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