BOOK REVIEW: The challenge with finding the right message in any sales book or training seminar is the industry – does what you’re hearing or reading translate into success in the medical sales profession? In a lot of cases, no. But Mace Horoff’s book, Mastering Medical Sales: The Essential Attitudes, Habits and Skills of High-earning Medical Sales Professionals, offers an in-depth look into successful sales – medical sales. Horoff uses decades of interactions with successful medical sales professionals, as well as his own experience selling and training others to sell to physician offices, hospitals, and clinics.

According to Horoff, selling in today’s medical environment presents many challenges—a complex sales atmosphere, customers with little time or desire to meet with sales people, constant cost issues, and intense competition.  How can the medical sales professional capture new business, while growing and maintaining the existing business?

Mastering Medical Sales is about what the medical sales professional must know and do in order to succeed in this rewarding career.  The information presented is not a rehash of sales techniques from other books, according to Horoff, but a comprehensive approach on selling to those who make product decisions in healthcare. Every sales call must consider the patient, the customer’s ego, institutional politics, and other factors that influence the buying decision.  The secret to success in medical sales is not just one behavior or idea, but a collection of attitudes, habits, and skills that have been internalized by almost every high-earning medical sales professional.

In Mastering Medical Sales, you will learn:

  • How healthcare providers think and buy and how to structure your sales conversations accordingly
  • The secrets to being seen as a professional and an essential member of the patient-care team
  • How to develop and project confidence so your customers will trust you with their business
  • The attitude your customers expect that you must convey at all times
  • Selling and closing skills specific for selling in healthcare
  • Account penetration strategies that put you in front of all of the decision-makers
  • How to get past the gatekeeper
  • How to sell in healthcare during an economic downturn
  • About Medical Sales 2.0: Using the Internet and social media in medical sales


If you’d like to enter for a chance to receive a copy of Mastering Medical Sales, e-mail Managing Editor Graham Garrison at ggarrison@mdsi.org

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