Editor’s Note: The following is a series of blogs on mentoring by Anthony J. D’Antonio , Group Vice President, Briggs Healthcare


Mentors can also be effective by finding 2-3 areas to improve, rather than “coaching up” too many deficiencies pointed out by management. Non threatening, attentive coaching can boost self-esteem and confidence. Having hard criteria to measure against can prove efficiencies and effectiveness both for the mentor and the mentee. Mentees can simply do the call for the rep. Reps can learn through the old surgical training technique of: “See One, Do One, Teach One,” to build confidence and competence. As small as it sounds, a small token gift from the mentor of a learning journal is a tremendous way to make learning more experiential and applied as it forces the rep to really think through the key take-a-ways of the day.

Don’t discount “virtual mentoring,” which is a program we ran at our company. It involves starting a reading list, library, websites, etc., that salespeople can access and review with their mentors. I can think of many relevant sites such as Jeffrey Gitomer’s Sales Caffeine (www.salescaffeine.com, which offer some great advice and tough love mentoring.

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