Editor’s Note: The following is part of a series of blogs on mentoring by Anthony J. D’Antonio, Group Vice President, Briggs Healthcare


With turnover in some organizations running as high as 18 percent, and the cost of hiring and training to be 3X salary, now is the time to get serious. As many as 35 percent of salespeople are not hitting “target.” That means over a third of the sales force is not even performing at acceptable levels. The right people, applied to the right targets with the right reinforcing of techniques can be realized with mentors. The by-product is that the mentor is reinvigorated and reengaged in a time where so many veterans feel detached from the organization. Do not discount that aspect of mentoring. I have had plenty of veterans who saw things differently and even got better as they started to internalize what got them to be a superstar in the first place. A by-product of having a great mentor is the simple act of re-engagement of the veteran salesperson, perhaps stalled in a career, or bored with the routine. A few years back, I had the occasion to present “new tricks for old dogs … re-engaging the veteran and talented sales rep” at a Med Trade conference. The top suggestion I had for the group was a well thought out, structured and impactful mentor program to get both the veteran to feel valued and included.

Ramp up time has become prolonged and the front office not as tolerant in years past as expectations are for reps to contribute quickly to the organization. Remember, “a rising tide raises all boats…”

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