Brian Sullivan gets you started this week with a look 25 years into the future. (Flash Required)

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Get tough. Jon Gordon’s 20 tips on becoming mentally tough.

Dan and Chip Heath write for Fast Company on how observation could lead to team improvement.

Malcom Gladwell, author of What the Dog Saw and Tipping Point, writes about how David beats Goliath.

One Response to “Monday mojo”

  • Kelly Dennis:

    I DID say NO to a few of those questions!!! Ugg!! I’m going to make plans to make memories – TODAY! I am SOMETIMES on the right track, but then some days, when I’m alone and feeling down or when something bad goes wrong at work that involves me, I feel like I need to quit, I feel unwelcome, I feel like the victim. I KNOW BETTER!!! But I forget.


Who do you think will win in the Monday Night BCS game?

  • The Tide (57%)
  • The Irish (43%)
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