Harvard Business Review Blogger Morton Hansen discusses the Three Leadership Skills that Count, including “Productive Paranoi”

Bill Gates was hyper-vigilant about what could hit and damage Microsoft. “Fear should guide you,” he said in 1994. “I consider failure on a regular basis.” Herb Kelleher predicted eleven of the last three recessions. Andy Grove ran around “looking for the black cloud in the silver lining.” Productive paranoia is the ability to be hyper-vigilant about potentially bad events that can hit your company and then turn that fear into preparation and clearheaded action. You can’t sit around being fearful; you must act, like Herb Kelleher, who insisted on cutting costs and running lean operations in good times, so that they would be prepared for the next storm, imagined or real.


Productivity Pro expert Laura Stack says efficient time management requires the establishment of a dependable routine. So, how do you decide what you should be working on each day?

PRECISE Selling’s Brian Sullivan asks, Are You Ready To Be Called Upon?


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