Jon Gordon talks effective communication

Sales people, talk to your customers. Call them up. Meet with them. Ask about their fears and needs. Show them a positive vision for the future and explain how you are positioned to help them get there.

Who said it?


All the technological, connectivity, productivity, and communication transformations that have permeated the U.S. economy are now coming to healthcare. How we think about healthcare, how we deliver healthcare and the economics of healthcare will guide the changes that are to come. Healthcare delivery will change from treatment to prevention, reactive to proactive, and episodic to holistic, he said. The emphasis will shift from procedures to performance, isolation to integration, and non-efficient to efficient care. New structures of healthcare are already beginning to emerge – medical homes, accountable care organizations, employer ACOs, integrated delivery systems, and health insurance exchanges. “Medical homes will function as the center of healthcare, and be the catalyst for community-based collaborative care networks expanding access to primary care,” he said. These “homes” will be non-physical structures, physician-driven and patient-centered.

— futurist David Houle in his recent keynote presentation to HIRA members


Androids are under attack, according to this Repertoire Quick Byte:


Android users, you stand warned. The amount of malware targeted at Android devices jumped 76 percent in the second quarter of the year, to become the most attacked mobile operating system, according to McAfee. 2011 has also resulted in the busiest-ever first half-year in malware history. In the second quarter of 2011, Android OS-based malware surpassed Symbian OS for the most popular target for mobile malware developers. While Symbian OS and Java ME remain the most targeted to date, the rapid rise in Android malware in Q2 indicates that the platform could become a bigger target for cybercriminals, affecting everything from calendar apps, to comedy apps to SMS messages to a fake Angry Birds updates.

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