Sales reps may spend the bulk of their hours on the road. But, at the end of a long day – or week – the office beckons. Whether it’s a cubicle at the corporate facility or a laptop on the kitchen table, work settings often present a less-than-ideal atmosphere. In fact, sitting in front of a computer screen for an extended period can be downright mentally and physically draining for even the most resilient of reps.


A recent online ABC News report, by correspondents Enjoli Francis and Kim Carollo, offers tips for staying healthier at the office – wherever that may be. Here are a couple

  • Experience nature. According to a study by Dr. Marc Berman, a post-doctoral research fellow at Rotman Research Institute in Toronto, and his University of Michigan research team, people improve their working memory span by about 20 percent following a 50-minute walk through nature. People have two types of memory, says Berman: directed and involuntary. In office settings, they rely on directed attention, which reportedly leads to mental fatigue. By contrast, a walk through the woods or the park stimulates involuntary attention, which may help fortify their directed attention, possibly leading to increased production at work. Employees should be aware of mental fatigue, notes Berman. If there isn’t a park nearby, a quiet street may suffice.


  • Browse the web. Does it pay for employers to encourage their staff to spend more time surfing the web? According to a group of researchers at the National University of Singapore, web browsing is key to heightened productivity. In fact, study results show it may help rejuvenate the mind. Not only did the 96 test subjects appear to be more productive after 10-minute web-surfing breaks, they also reported less boredom and mental exhaustion.


For more tips, read this month’s “Working Out the Workplace” Healthy Reps article at

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