Some notables and quotables from the November issue of Repertoire 

Excellence in Sales, excellent stories

Jeff Rogers, Pacific Northwest sales, Midmark, recalls his first meeting with Steve Marshall, winner of this year’s Repertoire/HIDA Excellence in Sales award for a distributor rep:

“True story. It was the spring of 1980, the first time I went to Alaska to work with Steve. I got there the evening before. His wife told me he was playing a rugby game — full contact rugby. So I went to the game and sat with his wife.

“He picked up a fumble and was running up the sidelines right in front of me. A big guy popped him so hard, his eyeballs rolled back in his head; he was knocked to the ground. He gets sick right in front of me. Then he looks at me, wipes his mouth, puts out his hand and says, ‘I’m Steve Marshall; welcome to the industry.’”


Managing diabetes at long-term care facilities

Patients have multiple illnesses and there are only so many care taker and hours in the day. This month’s LTC features dishes on how you can help your customers in this regard:

Distributor reps can provide several products to help their customers appropriately service their diabetic patients. For one, diabetes can lead to several complications, including circulatory problems, vision issues, stress and fatigue, and diabetic coma. When poor circulation results in the development of decubitus ulcers, nurses and physicians require advanced wound care supplies.

More often than not, sales reps must respond to their customers’ need for blood lancets, test strips and glucometers.


House-building, team-building

A great story on not only a sales team coming together, but a manufacturer/distributor team coming together. Mike Douglas, a longtime regional sales manager at McKesson Medical-Surgical, thought a Habitat for Humanity build would be a great activity for he and his reps to participate in. A handful of manufacturer rep partners from Welch Allyn, Midmark, B. Braun, AVID Medical and Sempermed also came along.

“This was a chance for all of us to work together outside of the field,” he says. “They blended right in with our team. It was a very personal [bonding] experience. Next time, I’ll invite more [vendors].”

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