Getting patients to a physician’s office is one thing. Having them adhere to treatment and medication plans is another challenge altogether. According to a recent report by Healthy Advice Networks, almost 50 percent of patients are not taking their medications as prescribed and the prescription abandonment rate is up 68 percent since 2006.  The estimated annual medical costs are in excess of $300 billion and 125,000 deaths are attributed to non-adherence each year.

Healthy Advice® Networks, the nation’s leading provider of point-of-care health-education programs for consumers and physicians, recently hosted a panel of primary care physicians at eyeforpharma’s  7th Annual Patient Adherence and Engagement Summit held in Philadelphia, PA. The panel, comprised of seven primary care physicians from different areas of the country with diverse patient populations, spoke candidly about the challenges of patient non-adherence.

The solution? Education for the patients that’s easy to understand, said the panel. Namely, answering the following questions that often come up:

Why am I taking this medication?  

What does it do for me?

What happens if I don’t take it as prescribed?

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