With years of experience monitoring and paying claims, insurers have developed the management expertise and databases to affect how – and what – care is delivered, to whom, and with what results, according to those with whom Repertoire spoke for this month’s cover story. They are starting to exercise their strength in the market, either by acquiring or merging with providers, or forming strategic partnerships with them.


“Whether it’s a contractual relationship, a joint venture, or a full merger, all of these options are being discussed with those who are willing and wanting to have that discussion,” says a spokeswoman for Highmark, which announced an affiliation with West Penn Allegheny Health System in July 2011.

Can providers and payers work together to transform the healthcare delivery system?

  • No. Insurers are only concerned about cutting costs. (52%)
  • Yes. Insurers are well-versed in patient history and cost-savings model (48%)
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Look for the cover story in the April issue of Repertoire, or online at www.repertoiremag.com

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Who do you think will win in the Monday Night BCS game?

  • The Tide (57%)
  • The Irish (43%)
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