The California Medical Association failure to have a Blue Shield doctors’ rating system shut down through the courts is a good thing, according to one editorial.

According to the editorial, the decision is “an affirmation of the principle of sunshine and its salutary effect; and we hope it will usher in other attempts to provide much-needed transparency to the mysteries of health care quality.”

The California Medical Association argued on the grounds that doctors didn’t get a chance to dispute the deficiencies of the ratings system. For the North County News editorial, the issue comes down to consumers in search of quality healthcare. “The program is an attempt to provide answers to the question often posed by consumers of medical services: How do I find a good doctor?

Unfortunately, for most of us, when we direct the question at our friends and colleagues, the replies are variations of “I heard so-and-so is a good doctor” —- that is, answers that are mashups of anecdotes and reputations that may have little objective validity.”

Physicians are naturally leery when it comes to ratings – we all are. With the advent of social media, customer satisfaction is now in real time – even in medical distribution. We hear about complaints at lightning speed. What physicians may have to do in the future is be more proactive in marketing their services and spreading the message of their practice. It’s more investment in the business angle of their practice – and that’s where a distributor rep can help.

For the full editorial, read here

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