You’ve read Repertoire articles in the past and are no doubt aware that there’s a shortage of doctors already, none more so than in primary care. Because of this, states are jockeying for position with their physician workforce in some unexpected ways. By 2014, when healthcare reform is expected to go into effect, the hope (for each state anyway) is that they’ll have adequate numbers of physicians within their borders to provide that care. Some states are already finding out that won’t be the case unless measures are taken.

The Northwest Herald recently reported that an Illinois Physician Workforce study found that nearly one-half of graduating doctors who had a residency or fellowship in Illinois leave to practice medicine elsewhere.

Fourteen percent cross the Illinois border to neighboring states.

“What’s happening on a national level is that states are competing against each other to ensure that they [states] have adequate physicians,” Dr. Russell Robertson said..

The study surveyed Illinois’ graduating residents and fellows, and sampled about 561 respondents, of a 1,738 total population size.

The primary reason for the exodus was overall practice opportunities; however, the medical malpractice liability environment was a major consideration, the study stated.

That makes sense. Liability insurance raises the cost of doing business. Why wouldn’t physicians want to practice in a state where that’s less of an issue? Family was also a major reason for the relocation of physicians. Relatives sometimes trumps revenue, it seems.

How does your state stack up for physicians? If it’s not so well, then they may be on the recruiting trail the next few years.

One Response to “Practice Points: Physicians in recruiting wars?”

  • Brian Taylor:

    Physician businesses are no different than others. When obstacles like taxes and regulatory excesses stand in the way, businesses move to where they can be minimized. Illinois just increased taxes while neighboring Wisconsin lowered them. Then Wisconsin boldly and unabashedly solicited Illinois companies to move their operations to a friendlier venue. Don’t be surprised when it happens.


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