Brian Sullivan offers an excercise in evaluation in his latest column for Repertoire. First, read the following sales call wrap-up with rep and manager

Manager: So how do you think the call went?

Rep: Pretty good. I think they are going to buy it?

Manager: I do too, but how do you think your presentation went?

Rep: Not bad, I asked a few questions and then went through the key benefits of the product.

Manager: I agree, now let’s make sure we get the quote out to them by tomorrow morning.

Rep and Manager: A high-five, chest bump, knuckle punch, and Skinny Vanilla Latte’ later they were done.

According to Sullivan, at least there was an effort to learn from the call. But the good stops there.

Mistake No. 1 – The post call evaluation was not specific enough. In fact, most post call evaluations are littered with generality like this. As a result, salespeople repeat the same mistakes and miss the opportunity to improve on each call.

Solution No. 1 – Have and USE your sales process your company trained you with. And frankly, it doesn’t matter what your process is. As long as you have one! Some of the more popular sales processes are:

SPIN: Situation, Problem, Implication, Need Pay-Off

LOCATE: Listen, Observe, Combine, Ask, Talk, Empathize

IMPACT: Investigate, Meet, Probe, Apply, Convince, Tie-Up

LAPR: Listen, Acknowledge, Probe, Respond

PRECISE: Prepare, Respect, Engage, Convey, Indecision, Secure, Explore

See a pattern here? These are specific steps that, when broken down specifically, will yield a ridiculous amount of learning.

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