Pay With Square, an app that allows you to pay merchants via credit card just by saying your name, got a big thumbs-up in a recent article in the New York Times. Technology editor David Pogue explains it this way: You walk into a shop or café; the cashier knows that you’re on the premises, because your name and thumbnail photo appear on his iPad screen. He rings up your items by tapping them on the iPad. To pay, you just say your name; the cashier compares your actual face with the photo on the iPad’s screen, taps OK, and the transaction is complete. (Square takes 2.75 percent of each transaction.) You set up the phone app by choosing your photo and linking your credit card. Using GPS, the app automatically lists shops and cafes near you that offer the Pay With Square system. If you turn the phone 90 degrees, you see them as pushpins on a map. Square says that 75,000 merchants already accept Pay With Square, according to Pogue.


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