You want to get up and go with your laptop, but when you return to your desk, you like a big monitor and all your peripherals, such as mobile phone, MP3 player, camera, tab and external storage drive. Samsung’s Central Station is an IT hub available in a wired or wireless version. The company says you can bring your notebook back to your desk, and your PC will automatically reconnect to your USB peripherals, external display and Ethernet. With the wireless version, you bring the notebook close to the unit, and you’re on. “The benefit of Central Station is that one minute you can be multi-tasking on your sofa—watching TV while checking your email—and the next minute you can be back at your desk, instantly reconnected to your mouse, keyboard, MP3 player, and external HDD,” says Samsung on its website. “Also, you get the additional benefit of an extended desktop on a large secondary display.”

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