Will the Supreme Court declare the Affordable Care Act unconstitutional or will they allow it to remain law?

  • Unconstitutional (67%)
  • Remain Law (33%)
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3 Responses to “Quick Poll: Supreme Court on Healthcare”

  • Sandye:

    This healtcare change changes everything about a small business.

  • I believe it will remain a law simply because 5 of the 9 Supreme Court Judges are liberals.

  • Tim Barr:

    Why should I provide free healthcare for millions of people who don’t contribute? This would be just another Goverment program that is unable to be self-suffucient. Eventually there would be more individuals receiving free care than those paying into the program just like the SSI program is now. The Oboma administration can manipulate the numbers all they want but common sense goes a lot further.
    How about developing a free education program for healthcare workers doc,nurses,etc that can work off their education bill by providing care for the less expensive procedures and have a modified program for the more complicated ones?


Who do you think will win in the Monday Night BCS game?

  • The Tide (57%)
  • The Irish (43%)
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