Hospitals and health systems use a variety of different methods to keep track of vendors, including in-house measures and outsourcing it to a third party. However, as we report in the May issue of Repertoire, distributor sales managers may start employing the same credentialing technology to keep tabs on their sales force.

Call reports won’t be replaced. After all, they give the manager a complete, front-row seat as their reps progress along the selling continuum. But vendor credentialing reports are neat, clean, accessible on demand, and easy to understand. They can give the sales manager the bare facts: Who did the rep visit? When? For how long? For what reason?


It can benefit reps, too.

While the advantage would seem to lie with the sales manager, reps stand to benefit as well, according to the vendor credentialing firms. “The suppliers and reps who are out there working hard and hustling – oftentimes that goes unnoticed,” notes John Wills, president, Status Blue, Marietta, Ga. “‘I practically live in that operating room,’” he says, paraphrasing what a sales rep might say about a customer. “‘If they only knew how much time I spent there, they might not be worked up about this 2 percent price increase.’”

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