When selling scales, there’s much more to consider than patient weight. The technology physicians acquire today could impact the decisions they make tomorrow. Particularly as the country moves closer to “meaningful use” of electronic medical record systems, physicians should think about adding scale solutions that enable them to connect the scale to the office electronic medical record.


Distributor reps should ask their physician customers some pointed questions to gauge their need for new scales, including the following:

  • “What are the primary types of patients you see? Do you see many wheelchair-bound patients?”
  •  “Has your patient base changed within the last few years? Do you work with different age and weight requirements and therefore require different scales?”
  •  “How often do you use your office scales? How long do you expect them to last before replacing them?”
  •  “In addition to basic weigh-ins, do you need to analyze your patients’ body composition?”
  •  “Do you plan to implement EMR in the next six to 18 months? If so, perhaps you should consider purchasing a digital scale rather than a mechanical unit.”
  • “How old are your current scales? Are they accurate?”


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