Apps are amazing things, aren’t they? They can manage your finances, paint pictures, scan bar codes, kill zombies and keep your children occupied at restaurants.

Inc Magazine profiled some of the best business-related apps to come out for Apple’s iPad, which included voice dictation technology (Dragon Dictation) and an app that lets you log-in remotely (LogMeIn) to your computer should you have forgotten an important document.

Dragon Dictation

Nuance’s easy-to-use and accurate app will transcribe your voice into text like a personal secretary. Once transcribed, you can save the work, e-mail, or send as text message. Also consider Nuance’s free Dragon Search, which lets you ask a question into the iPad’s microphone and you’ll see the relevant answers and/or websites pooled from online sources.


Don’t fret if you forgot an important document or presentation on the office or home PC (or Mac). Use your fingertip on the iPad to remotely log into one or more computers, anywhere on the world, to access what you need as if you were in front the other screen(s). LogMeIn can also be used to troubleshot a colleague’s computer or play Flash-based games if you find some downtime.


As far as smart phone are concerned. Repertoire readers are no strangers to app suggestions, for Android, Apple and BlackBerry users. Here are some of the more noteworthy ones…

ANDRIOD: Free Google navigation system

Users of any smartphone running Google’s Android 1.6 (or later) operating system – this would include Verizon’s Droid phone or T-Mobile’s MyTouch 3G and G1 – can get free navigation software from Google. Just bring a battery charger – the software needs a lot of power.


iPHONE: Enhanced version of Vlingo iPhone app

Vlingo Corp. said the newest version of its Vlingo for iPhone App gives users the ability to send e-mail and text messages by speaking into their iPhone. The app also offers voice-powered social site updates, maps and voice dial. Example; To send an e-mail by speaking a contact, say, “E-mail [person’s name], Subject Tonight, Message Running late.” To send a text message, say “Text [person’s name], Message How are you?”


iPHONE app eliminates fax machine

Zosh, an iPhone app, allows mobile businesspeople to complete and execute important documents using only their finger and an iPhone. It is said to eliminate the need to find a fax machine to sign and return critical documents. The recipient forwards the document into the Zosh application, adds required text and even signature, then returns it. It is said to support PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and images. Zosh is available in the Apple iTunes Application Store for $2.99 per user.


BLACKBERRY: Device reads e-mails and text messages

A feature for BlackBerry smartphones reads e-mails and text messages aloud, so drivers never have to take their eyes off the road or their hands off the wheel. The feature, called SafeReader, is provided by Vlingo Corp. Before getting on the road, the individual presses a button and says “Start SafeReader.” All incoming messages are delivered audibly. Vlingo 4.5 for BlackBerry smartphones with SafeReader can be downloaded for free on BlackBerry App World™,, or directly from Vlington at

Keeping an eye on your finances

A Web-based system called Mint ( gives users up-to-date information on their personal finances anywhere they can access the Web. The system, which is free, is said to pull together information from the user’s bank, credit union and credit cards to provide an up-to-date look at the individual’s financial life. The system alerts the user when he exceeds his personal budget, has a low balance, or needs to pay a bill. Bank account information is updated daily, and the system categorizes all the user’s purchases, showing how much he or she is spending on gas, groceries, parking, etc. It also analyzes and graphs investment performance.

SUBHEAD: The power of the pen

Do you take notes when visiting with customers? Now you can be sure you don’t miss a thing. The Pulse smartpen from Livescribe ( is a computer in a pen that captures handwritten notes and simultaneously records and links the audio to the notes. By tapping on the notes with the smartpen, the user can hear the conversation play back from that exact moment in time. All of this information can be uploaded to a computer for storage, keyword search or to share with others.

 How about for you? What business apps work best for sales?

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