Sales reps are looking ahead to 2014 and wondering what their physician customers will look like. Will they be employees of hospital systems? Will they become more adept at forming clinical care teams? Will they encourage group visits by their patients? Will they like their job? In this series of articles, Repertoire examines these trends, and how distributor reps can help customers navigate them.


Team-based care

In America, most healthcare consumers were brought up to believe the doctor was top dog, lone wolf, answer man or woman. But that’s changing, partly out of necessity, as the nation faces a potential physician shortage. Today’s physicians are reaching out to colleagues and mid-level providers to provide appropriate, efficient and effective care for their patients.


In its position paper, “Principles Supporting Dynamic Clinical Care Teams: An American College of Physicians Position Paper,” the association offers principles, definitions, and examples to dissolve barriers that prevent movement toward dynamic clinical care teams.


The American College of Physicians offers this scenario to demonstrate how a practice exercising team-based care might operate.


1. The internist diagnoses a patient who has advanced diabetes in addition to other chronic conditions.


2. The internist initiates a consultation for the patient with a nurse practitioner colleague who has significant expertise in educating patients on how to effectively manage diabetes and other chronic conditions.


3. The advanced practice registered nurse designs a care management program with input from the patient that meets the patient’s needs.


4. While the nurse practitioner leads the effort to engage the patient in shared decision making and self-management, the internist maintains overall clinical responsibility for the patient’s care



Source: “Principles Supporting Dynamic Clinical Care Teams: An American College of Physicians Position Paper,” Robert B. Doherty; Ryan A. Crowley, for the Health and Public Policy Committee of the American College of Physicians, Annals of Internal Medicine, published online Sept. 17, 2013.


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