Do you dream about being successful in sales? Or do you visualize your sales success? Do you dream about winning the order? Or do you visualize the actual steps you will take to help your prospect make the winning purchase decision?

You only have only a limited number of opportunities to interact in meaningful way with each prospect during their buying cycle. As I write in my book, Zero-Time Selling, the era of the ad hoc sales call is finished. Your prospects don’t have the time to waste on unproductive sales calls with sellers that do not provide them anything of value, that do not help them move closer to making a decision.

This means that when you have the opportunity to engage with a prospect you should leave nothing to chance. You have to be prepared.

One crucial step of preparation for each sales call is to use a simple visualization technique.  For each upcoming sales call with your prospects, whether it is in-person, online or on the phone, do you mentally establish a goal and a desired outcome for that interaction? And then, do you mentally walk through the steps you need to accomplish to achieve that outcome?

This is a necessary discipline that salespeople need to practice and sales managers have to coach their direct reports to use.

There are three easy steps for visualization that you can exercise to improve your sales results. The first, Establish a Desired Outcome for Each Sales Call, was explained in an earlier post. Here is the second:

2. Mentally Practice the Steps You Will Take During the Call

What is the process you will follow, what are the series of steps you will take, that will result in the outcome you desire? Identify and practice the specific questions you will ask the prospect.



Andy Paul is author of the award-winning book, Zero-Time Selling: 10 Essential Steps to Accelerate Every Company’s Sales. A frequent speaker, Andy conducts workshops and consults with B2B sales teams of all sizes and shapes to teach them how to sell more by selling faster. Visit for more.

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