Which Republican primary candidate will win the nomination?

  • Mitt Romney (79%)
  • Rick Santorum (11%)
  • Someone Else (9%)
  • Ron Paul (2%)
  • Newt Gingrich (0%)
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3 Responses to “Who will win the Republican Primary?”

  • Bill:

    I’m rooting for a meteor to win the Republican convention. Nobody on that side has any legitimate ideas or deserves to be runnign the show.

  • Tom:

    The one fellow that has delt the same consistant straight talk for years, isn’t even a contender in this race.
    Maybe we should just run a Super Model.

  • Hal:

    Governor of a Blue state – balanced the budget (required) but did not raise taxes (required by Democrats), supporter of new businesses through venture capital, successful management of a not for profit enterprise (Olympics). Cool under pressure, mostly, but looks mechanical – sadly.


Who do you think will win in the Monday Night BCS game?

  • The Tide (57%)
  • The Irish (43%)
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